About me

If you have any further questions - don't hesitate and ask me !

My Biography

How old are you?
30 years - I was born on 28.03.80
How tall are you?
~65 inch - 165cm
Where do you live?
in Cologne (Germany)
What is your natural hair color?
Brown, partially bleached by the sun - the color you can see on my photos...
Are your curls real?
yes, of course...
How long have you been growing your hair?
Since I'm 8 years old, so about 22 years, but with breaks at special lengths - the last years I let it grow on continuously...
How long is your hair?
At the moment ~62inch - 158cm
What is your length goal?
I have no precise goal - I let it grow on until it will stopp on itself and only so long that it looks good and neat
Why have you grown your hair so long?
When I was 8 years old I began startet dancing (ballet) and I wanted to pin up my hair to a nice bun - now, I'm not a prima ballerina (I'm still dancing ballet - as hobby), but I got a nice bun, isn't it?
How is a normal day for your hair like?
In the morning I comb my hair and then I braid it or pin it up - I don't wear it down very often, only at special occasion or at home when I'm relaxing e.g. reading
What do you do with your hair when you go to bed?
I comb and then braid it
How often you have cut your hair and in which way?
I only let trim the ends and normally only 1-3 a year. I don't go to a hairdresser but I only let my mother do this job
Would you ever cut your hair all off?
Do you answer your emails personally?
yes, I answer every email on my own - a reason why it can take some time until you get my answer - I don't want that somebody reads and answers my personal emails
Who takes your photos?
my sister, good friends, hobby-photographs and photographs like hairphoto.de and longhairfoto.de
What are your hobbies?
Ballet, Jazzdance, reading, playing the guitar
My favorite-...
- color
green - like my homepage
- animals
horses, cats, gerbills
- books
the books by Heike and Wolfgang Hohlbein, Ingrid Noll, Harry Potter
- movies
Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, comedies, series: Friends, Sex and the City
- food
I don't eat meat, I like pizzas, noodles, salad, ice and of course chocolate
- hairstyle
I like wearing it down